easyshare to seek up to AUD 5m of Series A fundraise for U.S expansion – CEO

easyshare, the Sydney-based payment technology start-up, will seek up to AUD 5m (USD 3.9m) of Series A fundraise to expand into the US, CEO and founder John Bush said. Founded in 2015, the company has built a split payment technology that facilitates the payment of rent, bills and common expenses in shared houses. It plans to launch a Series A in the next 12 months after closing its current seed funding round, he explained. At the moment, it is in talks with Australian high net worth investors and family offices to raise AUD1m (USD 780k) for domestic growth, he said. by Natalia Godoy in Sydney

Spriggy seeks Series A to support growth in Australia – CEO

Spriggy, a privately held Australia-based mobile banking startup, seeks to raise Series A funding to support domestic growth this year, Joint-CEO Mario Hasanakos told Mergermaket. Started in 2015, the Sydney-based company, which created an application that allows parents to pay their children's pocket money into an account and linked prepaid card, will seek to raise a larger amount than its previous fundraising round by 1H18, he said. He declined to elaborate on the amount at this point but said existing investors are going to participate in the Series A. by Natalia Godoy in Sydney

Xinja raising AUD 20m to launch first Australian digital bank this year - CEO

Xinja, a privately held Sydney, Australia-based online bank, is raising AUD 20m (USD 16m) via Series B and C to launch Australia’s first 100% digital bank for mobiles this year, CEO Eric Wilson told Mergermarket. The company is now conducting its Series B to raise AUD10m (USD 8m), expected to close in March this year. It has already secured AUD 5m (USD 4m) from existing investors and high net worth individuals, he said. It is also raising now another AUD 1m (USD 80,000) using Australia-based Equitize’s equity crowdfunding platform, and AUD 4m (USD 1.6m) from local investors and family offices. “We are really keen to have investors in this round that can be users too,” Wilson noted. by Natalia Godoy

Cashrewards retains Venture Advisory to raise up to AUD 15m in Series A round – CEO

Cashrewards, an Australian cash-back company, is seeking AUD 10m - AUD 15m (USD 7.6m - USD 11.4m) in its Series A funding round and has retained Sydney-based Venture Advisory for this capital raise, CEO Andrew Clark told Mergermarket. Established in 2014, the Sydney-headquartered company has been self-funded to date by the co-founders and owners Andrew Clark and wife Lorica Clarke. The owners are now offering a "minority stake" in the company and aims to close this fundraise by April next year, he noted. Cashrewards is ready to take onboard either a strategic or a financial investor from Australia or overseas that can help it to grow globally, as the company plans to launch in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea within 2018. by Natalia Godoy

Abundant Produce considers retaining advisors for acquisitions in Australia

Since October 2016, Abundant Produce [ASX:ABT] has studied the Chilean seed market and recently decided to move its production from Australia to Chile, CEO Tony Crimmins said. It aims to gradually begin to produce all its types of seeds, such as cucumber and tomatoes, in Chile until to reach about 90% of its total production, he explained. It has signed a strategic partnership with an unnamed Chilean company that will allow it to produce and export from Chile to its main international markets, such as the US, Middle East and Europe, he said. “Chile is the best place in the world to produce seeds, and it offers cost advantages. Their geography is particularly good for horticulture and is the most stable country to do business in South America,” he noted. by Natalia Godoy

Moneytree KK raising Series B to fund Australia entry – CEO

Moneytree KK, the privately held Japan-based financial data portability provider, is raising Series B funding from strategic and financial investors for its Australia entry, CEO and co-founder Paul Chapman said. The Tokyo-based company expects to close its Series B this week and is raising JPY 1bn (USD 8.865m) from Japan and UK-based investors, Chapman told this news service. Moneytree KK was established in 2012 in Tokyo to develop personal finance software applications. After launching its mobile app in 2013, Apple [NASDAQ:AAPL] awarded Moneytree the App Store Best of 2013 for iPhone and Best of 2014 for iPad. In 2015, it transformed its core business into Moneytree LINK, a user-centric financial data portability platform that allows consumers and small businesses to transport all of their financial data to and from an entire ecosystem of services. by Natalia Godoy in Sydney